Green ergonomics

Following the interest generated by her Donald Broadbent lecture on the overlap between the aims of ergonomics and the move to more sustainable living, Margaret formed the IEHF’s Green Ergonomics Special Interest Group (SIG). This group currently has over 100 members on a LinkedIn group (which you are welcome to join), where ideas and news are shared. Further details about the SIG are here.
As chair of the group Margaret was recently invited to the inaugural meeting of the Pharmaceutical Ergonomics Alliance, at which she set out how ergonomics improvements often resulted in environmental benefits. She gave examples from the pharmaceutical industry of an improvement programme which had led to reductions in solvent use and waste, as well as musculoskeletal risks. An additional outcome of this programme was an increase in productivity.
If you have any questions about this, or examples of how ergonomics is good for the environment, Margaret would be very interested to hear more, as she is hoping to compile case studies for wider dissemination in the future.