WorksOut provide practical advice to help staff work comfortably and safely. We provide ergonomics assistance to support the design and use of work areas so as to ensure comfortable, efficient and productive working. Whether your staff are based in offices, factories, or other environments, we can help ensure that there is a good fit between the work place and your workers.

Our expertise will help you:

Workplace Ergonomics

  • Ensure your staff work comfortably and safely
  • Make sure your furniture, equipment and work processes are suitable for your staff
  • Reduce any risks of discomfort (backache, RSI etc) through work
  • Manage those who do have discomfort
  • Comply with the law in this area

As an independent ergonomics consultancy we bring our expertise and knowledge to help you optimise the design and use of your work areas, so that the health of your staff is protected. WorksOut undertakes consultancy, training and research; we apply scientific knowledge to real life situations. Our research is focussed on providing appropriate and practical solutions to issues facing employers and industry. Our consultancy advice is based on latest research and guidance. Our training draws on the knowledge gained through our research and consultancy activities, and presents it in an accessible and helpful way.

Ergonomics is an applied science, concerned with the interaction of people and all aspects of their work environment. The primary aim is to reduce injury and ill-health relating to work activities, through appropriate design.

The benefits of ergonomic design include:

  • Reducing work-related injuries and ill-health
  • Reducing absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Improving efficiency, productivity and morale
  • Avoiding costly mistakes in equipment purchase or workplace design.

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